Writing Essay: How to Choose the Best Topics 

Often, when students are asked to prepare an essay, one of the hardest things is to come up with a good topic for their term paper. It can be difficult to write an essay when you do not have a clear angle or a narrowed topic. Regardless, it is possible for students to do some thorough preparation and select fascinating topics for their essays. Follow these steps in order to choose the most suitable topic for your college term paper. 

  1. Avoid last minute rushing - If you want to come up with a great topic for your essay, then you ought to consider giving yourself enough time. It is better to think of your essay topic way long before the term paper is due. Trying to come with essay topics the last minute can make things a bit more nerve-racking.
  2. Brainstorm for possible topics for your essay - Before you decide on which topic to use for your term paper, make sure that you have reflected on every possible topic. Successful students often create a list of all the topics that are incoherent with the assignment they have been given. After doing, you can eliminate those topics which you feel you will have a hard time finding information and reliable answers.
  3. Narrow your topic – after selecting a topic from your brainstormed list, the next thing is to narrow the topic down. When writing college term papers, you need to need to be direct and specific. If you choose a topic that is too broad, it can be almost impossible to be clear and concise. You can write down your topic of choice on a piece of paper, and then list ideas and themes that relate to it. After doing this, you can base your college essay on one or two of these ideas or themes.
  4. Write your thesis ahead of time – writing a thesis for your paper in advance is often a great way to test if the topic you selected is a suitable one. A lot of the times, when students are unable to craft a thesis that clearly defines the argument in their paper, there is a possibility that the topic they chose is still broad.
  5. Write your main points and sources ahead of time – a good way of determining if you selected a suitable topic for your essay is by attempting to write down the major points before you start writing. Additionally, gather your sources early enough since your main points will be backed up by examples and evidence from these references. 

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