Livestock Science

Livestock science involves the study of various aspects of livestock in general. The life and environment of livestock is a major wealth contributor in the current economies. Some studies have been made on how livestock feeds, how they reproduce and how this can be enhanced. Although there has been an outcry in the growth of genetically modified livestock, contribution of science in enhancing livestock cannot be ignored. The effects of new discoveries have in animal feeds has also been a source of jittery among many farmers. This cannot be seen as a cause of concern for livestock owner. For example a study to find the effect of Dietary Selenium Se in the milk products found that milk composition and yield were not affected by dietary Se source Such experiment actually reveal that science can be used to improve the wellbeing of livestock with really affecting their contribution in terms of output for the owner of the livestock.

There has been a concern on the impact of livestock on the environment. Generally there is a relationship between livestock and the environment. In 16 studies conducted there was no clear pattern that was found to relate between livestock and environment although production of 1 kg of meat used more land and energy and had the highest global warming. This result indicates the need to continue with livestock science to reduce the amount of energy and land that is consumed. All this are resources that need to be optimized without depleting the current resources that we have.

Studies have been done to increase the productivity of livestock and over the years new breeds have been coming up. Mixing of different species of animals to results in more productive and healthy breeds which give maximum yield to the owners of the livestock. Governments have been involved in this through their various agencies to improve livestock productivity for the farmers. Research centers are built to aid this work. With all this accomplishments in livestock science there are shortcomings.

What challenges does livestock science face? In developing world there is a notion that science is about modifying the genetics of animals and this results in animals that could affect their health. Many have been lobbying for natural undisturbed animals which are less productive and consume a lot of resource without a yield in return. There needs to be more sensitization by governments to its citizens on the importance of livestock science and the inherent benefits that come with it.

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