Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics For Junior High Students

The argumentative essay is one of the easiest types of essay you can possibly make. There isn’t much work to do in this type of an essay, and a junior high student should be able to finish it pretty fast. Choosing the topic for this essay will be the most crucial part, since the whole paper will circle around this main idea, which will pretty much set the standard of your essay. As a junior high student, there are many possibilities you have and there are many topics to choose from, countless. Here are some interesting ideas for you (you can find out more, following this weblink):

  • Is climate change really a big problem? There are many speculations regarding this subject, and everybody seems to know everything about this, but the fact is that no one has a clue of what’s happening. What is causing the poles to melt, what is going to happen to our planet and to mankind if we don’t stop it? Answer to all these questions in your argumentative essay.

  • The internet. Well, everybody is using it, but most of the people don’t know that it can be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. As a matter of fact, it’s already in the wrong hands. False information, brain programming, propaganda, the internet works like a charm.

  • Smart phones. Another thing everybody uses but no one knows the dangers of it. Besides what I said above (subliminal messages in games and apps etc) there are many dangers regarding this subject. Everyone should just take a look at the level of radiation that is being emitted by these devices, and the effects it has on our body and brain on the long run.

  • Are drugs really dangerous? If you write your argumentative essay on this subject you will really get the attention of your classmates. Many people say that drugs are bad, but actually some drugs can be beneficial for our mental health. For example, marijuana is used as an anti depressant, so why we should not use it in our daily life?

  • Sexual harassment. It’s extremely common even in the most civilized countries. Try to explain to your colleagues why is this so dangerous, and how can this destroy the life of young girls. If you want, you can discuss with women who passed through a bad situation and quote them in your argumentative essay.

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