Cultural Event Of Pakistan

The culture of the Pakistan society is characterized by various ethnic groups such as the Kashmiris, Punjabis, and Sindhis towards the east, Makrani to the South, the Muhajirs, and the Pashtun to the west as well as the Baloch. There are also older communities such as the Wakhi, Burusho, Baltistani and Dardic to the north. Therefore it is a very diverse culture although put together through such events as the Eid ul-Adha festival. Therefore, we will discuss the Eid ul-Adha event in this essay.

What is Eid ul-Adha?

May be it is important to state what happens during this cultural event and then know what it is all about. First, an animal is usually sacrificed as a commemoration of Abraham’s actions. The animal is then shared among family, friends and the people who are less fortunate. In Pakistan, Eid Ul-Adha is a public holiday. It serves as an opportunity for the Pakistan people to visit friends and family and for children to get new clothing, sweets and presents.

This is commonly known as the festival of sacrifice or the feast of the sacrifice, the greater Eid or the major festival. It is part of what is celebrated by all Muslims in the entire world on annual basis. It is usually done to honour Abraham who showed a willingness to sacrifice his one and only son, Ishmael as he submitted to the command of God before an angel of God intervened to let him know that the sacrifice was accepted even before killing the son.

How it is conducted

Once the animal has been killed, preference is made to slice the meat into three parts. The family gets one of the portions while friends, relatives and neighbors get one of the remaining portions. The last portion is given to the poor and vulnerable in the society.

This usually comes in the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijah and goes on up to a period of four days. According to the Gregorian international calendar, the dates may be different based on the year. It usually drifts with about eleven days earlier on every year. It is usually the last of the commonly celebrated Eid occasions. It comes after Eid al-Fitr. The event is based on the 196th verse of Al-Baqara in the second chapter of Quaran. Eid simply means a solemn and fervent festival. It is a very important event that is celebrated in Pakistan and observed by all particularly the Muslims who form a big percentage.

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