Human Sexual Behavior

Unlike animals, humans can override genetics. Our behavior is not 100% dictated by nature and is a subject to constant change, but rather often people follow similar patterns as their closest ancestors, primates. Human sexual behavior is not an exception to this rule. Despite the fact that every person is unique, there are certain behavioral patterns that are common for numerous individuals. Understanding these patterns will allow a person to predict their partner’s sexual behavior, to a certain extent.

A male primate’s main purpose in picking a mate is procreation. This is why they usually choose a female in heat. The next step is “courtship” that shows in the form of grooming the female and generally being attentive towards her. In case the female has another child, the male will try to show himself to be a good father. Once the male’s objective is complete, meaning they secured a progeny, they will move on to another female and repeat the cycle. Females are also interested in giving birth only to the strongest and healthiest children. Thus, they are extremely choosy when it comes to picking a male they will allow to court and impregnate them. This pattern may be used to explain why many people cannot stay loyal to their partners. It is a natural ambition for a human being to have the strongest progeny. This often involves having multiple partners, and social norms of propriety and fidelity were not created with this in mind.

It is not always that people engage in a sexual act in order to procreate. Rather often humans, and their ancestors primates, treat sex as nothing more than a pleasant recreational activity. As this act has no ultimate objective to produce a strong and healthy heir, the choice of partner can vary greatly. Humans are extremely complex social beings, and as such, their behavior is dictated by a wide range of factors. Many of those factors are internal and governed by nothing more than personal interests and whims. Females can be very fickle in this case. They are often attracted by a new male simply because of their boredom.

Human sexual behavior is complex and often unpredictable. However, certain patterns can be seen when studying primates, the closest ancestors of humans. Understanding those patterns is essential if one wants to be able to predict their partner’s behavior and make sure they do not get cheated on. When you know what makes people seek new sexual partners, you can anticipate this and change your own behavior in a way that will protect your relationship.

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