How To Choose A Proper Format For A One-Page Essay: Useful Advice

More often than not students have problem choosing the proper format when it comes to writing a short one-page essay. Truth be told, it can be quite confusing as most assignments require more than a single page of writing to get one’s point across effectively. So it can be challenging to select a good format when you’re writing is limited to a few hundred words. Here’s some useful advice on selecting the right one:

What Type of Assignment Are You Doing?

The first step in choosing the proper format is taking time to go over what kind of assignment you are writing in the first place. Are you writing a narrative piece where you describe a childhood memory? Are you writing a book or article summary? Consider your assignment and write up a short outline of the content you will have to cover, or just buy essay online instead of struggling with it on your own. Doing this exercise will give you a clearer view of the thing you are trying to accomplish.

How Much Information Do You Need to Provide?

This is an extremely important question to take into consideration when you are working on such a tight assignment. It would be a good idea to write a first draft of your essay. It’s okay if it goes longer than one-page, since this exercise is primarily done to establish what absolutely needs to go in and what needs to be taken out. Try to keep your content to include no more than three major points. This should be ample for an assignment of this size.

Are There Any Special Requirements from the Instructor?

The next step is that you review your writing prompt a second time to highlight every component that needs to be put in. Did your instructor give any special instructions that might make your assignment more challenging or easier? If you have to answer a four part question then make sure you draft your paper to answer each of those parts, ideally attributing a single paragraph for each piece.

Did You Spend Time Revising Your Essay?

Lastly, take time to revise your essay. The importance in this is that you need to find ways to improve on your content by either cutting out or putting in pieces. Look to structure your paper differently so that it’s easier to understand. Think in terms of your audience’s perceived logic. What can you do so that there is no confusion about the content or the reasons for arranging it in a specific way.

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