SuperAmerica Facility Analysis

SuperAmerica (SA) is a brand name for a chain of convenience stores dealing with fuel and fresh produce such as sandwiches and baked products. SA has various subsidiaries, including SuperMom’s Commissary, which supplies the fresh sandwiches and bakery. The brand has 240 stores, with 75 franchise brands and 165 company-operated outlets, which are located near each other in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota states.

The SuperMom’s Commissary, which is located in St. Paul Park, offers a wide variety of fresh bakery such as rolls, cookies, donuts, muffins, and sandwiches. Solely owned by SuperAmerica, SuperMom’s Commissary provides the best and freshest to ensure a one-stop experience to its loyal customers as they stop for fuel at SA.

The SA brand operates under the parent company, the Northern Tier Energy family, which was formed in 2010. The Northern Tier Energy has three main divisions of pipeline operations, refining, and retail, which includes Northern Tier Retail, under which SA operates. In additional to SA, the Northern Tier Retail also acquired the St. Paul Park Refinery and SuperMom’s bakery. Its headquarters is in Woodbury, Minnesota.

SA reinvigorated its chain of stores with new signage, color, and gondola in a bid to remain relevant in the market and attract a large clientele base, in 2014. It also expanded the food service as part of the expansion plan, as it formulates to open an additional ten stores this year. In 2015, SA also plans to emphasize daily delivery of fresh produce to the convenience stores by marketing the SuperMom brand.

SA is poised to expand the brand in leaps and bounds, and it prides in the over 2,500 employees across the country. The employees enjoy attractive salary packages including health insurance, retirement plans, a bonus program, and savings. SA embraces an entrepreneurial spirit in its operations by empowering the employees and equipping them with operational excellence and customer satisfaction through production of high-quality products.

SA embraces community service by collaborating with various organizations such as Minnesota Wild as a way of giving back to the society. Minnesota Wild is a National Hockey League that has partnered with SA to reward its fans by offering discounted fuel prices. Fans present a game ticket to any SA outlet after attending a Wild game and earn a few cents off every gallon of fuel purchased. The money-saving promotions run by the two renowned Minnesota brands aim at helping customers save cost at the pump and promote customer loyalty.

The SuperAmerica brand offers fuel services and a wide range of excellent bakery across Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin states. It has about 240 stores in various locations and a crack team of employees with exemplary customer service and operational skills. The SA brand has grown significantly since inception and has plans to extend its operation and merchandising capacity in 2015.

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