How Cultural Tendencies Influence The Identity Of A Developing Personality

We live in a world, where everybody has almost unlimited access to all kinds of information. Especially important this access is for young people, who are only at the beginning of their way of learning about everything that surrounds them. Accessibility of information and communication with other people all over the globe helped in forming different tendencies and subcultures. Each of them has an influence over a certain group of young minds, forming them into a specific personality.

Earlier the most important influence on children was made by their parents. They passed the family traditions and raised the child in the basic same way they were raised. With the development of the modern world parents spend much less time with their children and lose the role in their raising. Here is when the friends step up. Modern child spends much more time on the streets or at friends’ places than he does at home and therefore is much easier influenced by outer tendencies.

Cultural diversity has formed a lot of groups of people with different tastes and preferences. Depending on the group that is forming the closest environment of a child, his personality and behavior will differ. Of course, a group is often chosen according to personal preferences, but in most cases the impact of the group on individual is much stronger. Everybody wants to be a part of a group and society and will do everything for it, even change himself.

Cultural tendencies picked up online and at school can influence all sides of a young personality. They will determine the way the child wants to look like, dress, which music he listens to and which films he watches. The language is also highly influenced. Social behavior also develops under a big pressure from the surrounding. Role models, typical for the society, will influence the self-esteem and determine the further development of a child.

Nowadays, a person can never exist separately from the society. We are all social beings and are influenced by other people in one or another way. In order to be a part of the society, it is important to give up some of your personal preferences. To separate yourself from the society at early age is probably not the best idea. The best way out is to try and be a part of it, at the same time doing everything possible to develop your personality the way you want it not the people around you demand you to.

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