How To Write A Short Essay: Structuring Your Paper

Know the difference between an essay and a report

The first thing you need to know for writing a short essay is understand the difference between an essay and a report. A report is supposed to convey information about a specific topic. An essay, on the other hand, has a thesis statement that can also have confliction of opinions. It is not enough to pen down the points you have discussed in your class, you have to do some research on your own and mention what you came across during that.

Stay focused on your topic

A good researcher is not necessarily one who spend a lot of time on research but all your directions should be aligned so that the purpose of your research should not be time wasting but fruitful. Avoid browsing irrelevant sites; stay focused in your direction and the specific topic so that you could stay tuned, up to date and knowledge based.

Thesis needs to be controversial

For sure, thesis needs to be controversial, as if you won’t show any disagreement then who would argue or critique. And you won’t be able to defend your topic. Like writing on the universal truths or most neutral topics would earn you no good information. Because they are already known topics and there would be no good reason of re writing them. The controversial topics could be of one school of thought people, a religion issue, or writing about the minorities or social issues or political happenings in the state. This could get you a lot of courage to defend and to study and get prepared to face the critique. This would not only add to your knowledge but would also be effective for other people too, who are on the same note.

Have a strong argument

Your argument needs to be stronger so that it could grab the attention of the reader. Argument is considered more effective than the conclusion, all your essay is based upon the argument, because it contains everything that is present in your essay. A good essay needs to have a strong argument. Make your ground stronger; so that it won’t let the reader get bored some.

Write to the point

There is no need of writing irrelevant data or making your introduction vast by putting extra lines to your introduction. It would be considered as repetition. Come to the point and be direct while writing.

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