US Foreign Culture

The United States falls behind Russia in the category of the largest countries in the world. It has got a population of around 320 million people. It is also a home or a country of many migrants. This makes it a home of many diverse cultures. It hosts people from nearly across all over the world. The US culture is, therefore, one that is so much influenced by virtually all parts of the world. The main groups of people living in the US are the Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans and the Asians. All these groups have got their cultures that they believe in. This is why America is described as the melting pot because every group wants to contribute something to the culture of the United States. Its culture takes bits from other cultures of different parts and people in the world. The American culture is also a great force to reckon with and many people have their cultures also influenced by the American culture. This is what is referred to as when people talk about the effect of the western culture. It talks about the culture of America and the rest of Europe. The American culture is like a US foreign culture.

The Official Language

The United States government has not made a ruling declaring the official language. The US hosts many people and many languages are spoken in the country. Chinese, German, Spanish and French are listed as the most commonly used non-English languages in the US. However, English is the language that is utilized in the official business. At least ninety percent of the people in America understand and can speak English making it easy to transact.

Religion and the American Style

Being a host to many kinds of people with different cultures, America has given people the right and freedom of worship. This is why it has got nearly all religions known in the world. The American style changes with class. The social status of a person depends on what they earn. The region that one is living in and place of origin also dictate one’s style. Occupation and the climate are the other factors that influence the style of dressing. Despite all these, there is a significant role that is played by the media and the celebrities. Fashion in America is a common thing and almost everyone is following fashion trends. America is also very diverse and allows the foreigners on their soil to have a free choice to practice their culture.

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