What to do if You need Help Writing an Essay

Most of the time, an experienced student can write an essay with limited issues. Sometimes, though, they run into problems, or they do not have enough experience in writing them. Either way, there are times a student needs help writing an essay. So what to do then? Here are some pointers to help in those times, help is needed in writing an essay.

  1. Ask the Instructor
  2. Take Notes
  3. Tutorials
  4. Samples
  5. Take a Break

Ask the Instructor

No student should even be afraid to ask the instructor for help. This is part of their job. Usually the instructor can give suggestions, or even refer some help from somewhere they know about. Ask them, as it might just be the student needs just a voice of confidence, or a simple suggestion they had not thought of.

Take Notes

Notes, notes, notes! When writing an essay, these are what will help the student through most issues. Make notes of all key points, and include some quotes, or copy and paste an important paragraph or two into the notepad so it is there when it is needed. Never copy and paste into the essay, but the notes it can be done, and is recommended to do. Remember the notes is not the essay, they are to help with the essay. So copy and pasting into the notepad, is the best way to have the information later on when needed.


Go online, and read a tutorial, or two on what the student is having problems with, and see what they suggest. Many tutorials have plenty of good information in them. One of the most common things they will tell, is to have a copy of the Style guide, and the Writer’s handbook on hand, because these offer some of the best information.


Look for samples, especially on a similar subject and style as the student is writing. Do not copy it, but look to see how it was done, how the sample used information, and such. Often the issue is not writing, but using the information, and samples are good for this.

Take a Break

Sometimes the problem is not the writer, but that the writer has spent too much time researching, and outlining, and their brain is just tired. Even the best can get this way. Take a break, lay down for a short nap, watch a movie, or just take a walk. Just get away from the essay for a while, then come back fresh, and see how that works.

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