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Here is some useful advice on how to write your essay faster and better. Be sure to learn how to do brainstorming and outlines. Find the best samples to use them as a template for your own assignment!

An Essay Outline In 20 Minutes

The best thing about making an outline for your essay is that it saves you time. You no longer have to do multiple drafts of your essay if you find someone to write an essay for money for you. You can make all the important decisions about what you need in the essay; in the outline so that you already have a plan of what to do once you sit down to start writing. No matter what your subject is or what class this is for, online custom writing services we have on offer for you will benefit you.

Writing An Outline For An Essay

To do this first step quickly, you need to have a list of everything that will be in the finished essay. Take your first ten minutes to go through your teacher’s instructions and jot down each point that you’ll be marked on when it’s graded. Once you have this list handy, you can use it as the basis for your outline. Write a one or two sentence summary expanding on each point on your list and order them in the way that you’ll want them in the outline. For the next ten minutes, take the expanded list you have and add in some research. You should already have some preliminary sources under your belt to use here. If not, you might want to pause your outline writing and go find a few quotes or statistics you can use in the outline. Add the most important ones, such as the first quote in the introduction, or the last quote in the conclusion. After that, your outline is pretty much done!

Using An Outline To Write The Essay

After you’ve spent your twenty minutes on the outline, you can start to develop it into something that more closely resembles an essay. This will likely take you longer than just another twenty minutes, but having that outline will significantly cut down on the time it takes you to do it. Start by looking over your outline again and checking that everything’s in place. Once you know it’s really what you want it to be like, you can start writing more in each section. Further expand on your ideas and add more research into every paragraph to fully create the part of the essay that you need. The first draft should be very easy to do with a good outline to follow.

  • Effective Editing Tip

    Edit backwards, one sentence at a time – this takes things out of context and allows you to see mistakes more easily.

  • Best Advice

    Eat a yummy (and healthy) snack. Food will help your brain to work at its best and be able to focus better on the task at hand.

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