Top 25 Essay Topics For College: Great Suggestions

Are you looking for essay topics that will allow you to receive a great grade at the college level? Then here are 25 suggestions that you can get started with:

  • How the Western world is changing its approach to reduce global warming.

  • What can be done to reduce obesity in the Western world?

  • What are the most important things to keep in mind when searching for a life partner?

  • What are the key things that you must do during a job interview?

  • How should a student approach each academic year to improve their grade?

  • Who is to blame for the lingering threat of racism in the world today?

  • How can we improve as a society to reduce the presence of racism in society?

  • How is the school system failing to reduce obesity in young children?

  • How can parents be taught to become better at educating their children?

  • How can children be influenced to avoid crime in their lives?

  • What can be done to increase the number of people that actively read books in society today?

  • What role do sports stars have in our world today?

  • Why is there an abundance of food in some countries, while starvation in others?

  • What should the minimum driving age be raised to, if at all?

  • What are your expectations of the time you’ll spend in college?

  • What things must you do in order to reach your potential in college?

  • What can one do to avoid crime in their life at all costs?

  • How can the elderly be educated to improve their understating of the technologies available to them?

  • Who should be responsible for the lack of financial equality in society today?

  • What are the key reasons for the rise in unemployment?

  • Should college level education be made free for every single member of the community?

  • How are advances in technology drastically changing the way we live today?

  • Who should be responsible for the degradation of the planet’s atmosphere?

  • Which are the 3 top most pressing global problems today?

  • Who were the leaders in the movement for animals rights during the last 50 years?

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