Fun Argumentative Essay Topics: Top 20 Suggestions

The purpose of writing an argumentative essay is to present your position and prove it to the reader. It’s a good opportunity for you to express your point of view and learn to persuade.

First you need is to pick a subject to argue about. Usually, you are given a list of suggested topics, so you can simply choose what you find most interesting and intriguing. Yet, sometimes you may be allowed to select a topic on your own.

There are surely lots of disturbing and important questions to consider. However, the trouble is that they have been already commonly discussed thousands of times. What is more, they can also be taken by other students. At this point, you have to use your imagination if you want to stand out from the rest and catch your teacher’s attention.

Seeking Inspiration for Your Argumentative Essay

Writing about something interesting and fun will make your work unique. Still, it must be an issue that you are particularly acquainted with. The best questions for your argumentative essay will have no obvious answers and will thus stir up a discussion. You should think of the problems that are on your mind, remember what you recently argued about with your friends, and use a humorous approach for it. The only risk here is that something you find funny will not be funny to others. However, if you lack creativity and can’t come up with a worthy topic, consider these compelling sample ideas to get inspired:

  1. Can listening to classic music actually make you smarter?

  2. Does blaming the horoscope when nothing goes right help?

  3. Is a woman’s place in the kitchen?

  4. Do technologies make people zombies?

  5. Can lying be good for relationships?

  6. Would there be more wars if a woman ruled the country?

  7. Do students really need homework?

  8. Should contemporary art be considered real art?

  9. Is leaving things to the last minute always bad?

  10. Does might make right?

  11. Are blondes really as stupid as it’s said?

  12. Is it possible that vampires exist?

  13. Should men never ever cry?

  14. Are funny cats videos capable of lowering stress?

  15. Is good sleep more important than good grades?

  16. Does your dog think of you?

  17. Are British people more polite than Americans?

  18. Can a name affect your personality?

  19. Is boredom a dangerous thing?

  20. Does smoking actually help make new acquaintances?

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