How to write a good essay in public transport

Usually, you’ll have enough time at home to write your essay, but some students find they can only work in small segments of time. If you happen to be on the city bus commuting to work or to university, you can still get some work done. The key here is to plan what you need to do ahead of time. If you can do that, keep reading. If you’re getting on the bus very soon and you have nothing planned, skip ahead to the second section.

Planning for a Short Essay Writing Period

The best way that this will work is if you have the time to do some planning first. Having your outline and research in hand will make for a much smoother writing process and yield a better written essay. The first thing you should do is create an outline based on the instructions from your teacher. Jot down a few things regarding each section of your essay. Then, you need to do all your research before you get on the bus so you can just write.

Writing an Essay in a Short Amount of Time

Now, if you don’t have the luxury of any planning time, you need to really prioritize your bus riding time. You have a lot of work to do in a distracting environment. Some parts of essay writing you really can’t do in a very short time, but you’re here to make the best of it. Follow these steps to do what you can during this time.

  • If you’ve taken this bus route before, you can estimate how much time you’ll have before you have to get off. Take a few seconds to jot down how you’ll spend that time. Divide it into outlining, research, writing, and editing.

  • For your outlining part, quickly go over the instructions from your teacher and write down what needs to happen in each section of your essay.

  • Expand on each section with doing research. If you have 3G on a phone or tablet, use the internet. If you have some library books with you, use those. If you don’t have anything, you’ll have to write the essay blind and add in some research later when you get off the bus. Does your essay even need any quotes or sources? Check the guidelines.

  • Now you can write the first draft, and then quickly check it for spelling and grammar. You’re done!

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