List of places where you can get essays written for you

There are many places where you can get an essay written for you. If you are struggling with time constraints or you are unsure of how to write your essay you can always hire a professional writer to handle your project for you.

When you are looking to hire an essay writer there are a few key places you can turn:

  • You can go to a freelance website. There are a handful of viable freelance websites. To find the top rated sites with the most customer protection and the biggest selection of freelance writers you can type into the search engine “freelance writing” or anything related to that. The results will lead you to the top sites. On these sites you can post your job. This is where you include any details related to your essay. You should list any notes or upload any documents outlining the requirements. You can list the amount of time you have available in which the job should be done and any price you are able to pay. Or you can leave these features blank and see who makes the best offer. Once your job is posted online freelancers can review it and then bid on the job. When they bid you can look at their profile and find out information about what jobs they have previously completed and how well those jobs went. You can look at their job history and feedback. You can review their portfolio and see samples of their writing. If you find someone you like you can hire them and continue any communication you need to get the job done.
  • You can also go to an academic essay writing site. You can find these with the same search engine keywords. The difference here is that you are less in command. You do not control what job is posted or who is hired. You only control where you go. The prices are set often at a per page rate. You do not get to review or interview the writers and instead have to trust that the company will select an appropriately qualified writer to handle your task. You are often not given contact directly with the writer handling your essay and instead are forced to go through an intermediary. There is less customer protection here as well.

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