How To Get An Example Of A Response To Literature Essay

Right, so you have been set with writing a response to a literature essay, but you have no idea as to where to start and are beginning to feel that dreaded surge of panic slowly rise up from the pit of your belly as your mind conjures up a million and one ridiculous scenarios. Don’t worry, you are not the first university student to find themselves in this predicament and nor will you be the last. As you journey through life you will come to discover that the key to success is not necessarily in how good you are at doing any one given task, but how good you are at surviving it.

Here are my top tips are where you can obtain one:

Speak to whoever tasked you with getting it

Contrary to popular belief, the hearts of most university lecturers and professors are NOT made of stone. They want to help you do the very best that you can, and they know that from time to time you will come to them looking for assistance. They are probably armed with a secret stash of samples and are just waiting for the first person astute enough to ask them for one! They are human too!

Buy one

Okay, while I wouldn’t advocate say going out and buying an actual reply and pass it off as your own, there is no reason, ethical, moral or otherwise why you shouldn’t pay to get your hands on a good sample. There are numerous reasons for this, here are just a few:

  1. By paying for the service, you should get quality

  2. Whoever you commission should be prepared to tailor it to your needs

  3. It won’t be generic

  4. It shouldn’t be sold to anyone else

Ask a friend

Okay, so we are not on some ridiculous television game show here where I am going to ask you to phone a friend. However, friends, family, peers, acquaintances, are all perfectly viable sounding boards and first ports of call when you are looking for a sample. Try and go to a friend that you know is intelligent and hasn’t flunked! (You don’t want to follow them down a path of destruction, do you?) This is often a great chance to catch up and socialise too.

The internet

Far from being over rated, the internet is actually a perfectly logical place to go in search of your elusive sample. I would be amazed if you didn’t find several suitable ones online.

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