Looking For Someone To Check My Essay For Free Online

Proofing your essay can be even more tedious than actually writing it. Fortunately, there are free helpers online who can check your essay both for errors and plagiarism.

Grammar and Spelling Checkers

Online grammar and spelling checkers are software tools that can proofread any text. They usually offer a more advanced proofing than built-in word processor tools, e. g. identify more kinds of errors. Here are several rules to follow to get most of them.

  • Search every website for a clear notion that this program is free to use.
  • Not all checkers marked in Google search as “free” are actually that. Some programs would charge you only after you copy the text to their website, and it may be disappointing. If you can’t find any pricing information, assume that this service is a paid one.

  • Run several programs on your essay.
  • No automatic checker is perfect; most of them would miss certain kinds of errors. Test your essay on several websites to catch as many mistakes as possible.

  • Pay attention to character count limits.
  • To run a spell check, you will need to copy your text into a special box on the website. It should be stated clearly how many characters you can input, e. g. 5,000 or 20,000 with spaces. The limit might also be stated in words. To have a larger text checked, you might need to pay. However, if your essay is just one or two pages long, you can easily test it for free on almost any website.

Anti-Plagiarism Checkers

Anti-plagiarism checkers compare your essay against a large pool of other texts available on the Web. If any fragment is matching, it will be underlined, with a link to the matching text provided.

The principle of operation is much similar to that of grammar and spelling checkers: you copy your text into a box, and get the result. On most free websites, you are allowed to run the program only a limited number of times – from one to three – per day. For more texts, you will need to create a paid account.

Living Editors

Most professional editors charge fees for every page, but there are exceptions who do a limited number of texts for free. Read the conditions on the website carefully to see whether you qualify. Some editors would only do up to 300 or 500 words at a time.

Avoid websites that claim to have living editors who check essays for free without any limitations. They might be scammers or have a very low quality of service.

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