A Helpful Tutorial On How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay

It is important that you understand a precise definition of the type of essay you are to write. Not only do you have to get the structure and the number of words correct; not only do you have to answer a question or write directly by addressing the topic; you need to write according to the type of essay it is. In the case of a cause and effect essay you are asked to look at an event or a situation and show what has caused this event and the effect of this causation.

The first question that you need to ask is, ‘Am I investigating the cause or the effect?’ This of course is vitally important. Understanding the topic and what you are asked to do is vital. In some cases you may be asked to discuss both the cause and the effect but usually you only have to discuss or prove one of the two.

Read, read and read again

Research is an essential component of anyone creating a cause and effect essay. Once you know what aspect of the topic you are to research, then research is what you must do. You cannot develop an essay pointing out factual information based on hearsay. You must go to reliable sources, notate relevant information and then later, turn it into prose in the form of your cause and effect essay.

Develop a thesis statement

This is the argument or point of view you intend to prove in your cause and effect essay. Make this a powerful statement. Make it one with a definite opinion as there is no fence sitting in this situation. Once you have your powerful thesis statement you are then in a position to build your case in favour of your argument.

Now you establish the structure

Your essay will have at the beginning an introduction and at the end a conclusion. In between the two there will be three paragraphs. In the first you all explain the cause of the event, then you will explain the effect of the event and in the third of your three central paragraphs you will discuss the relationship between the cause and the effect.

Once you have completed the draft of your cause and effect essay, you will go over it with a fine tooth comb looking to see if you have indeed proved the statement you made in your introduction. Obviously you will remove any spelling or grammatical errors you find along the way.

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