How To Write A Critique Paper And Provide A Clear Opinion 

When you are writing a critique paper and providing a clear opinion it is important to follow these rules:

  • The topic must be appropriate and interesting on part with the assignment. It must also be well developed.
  • This means it makes a clear argument and provides good examples for support and evidence.
  • The paper must be organized. Look at how the introduction and conclusion “frame” the critique and whether the thesis is direct or implied. Take note of the structure of the paragraphs and whether the organization of evidence is logical and appropriate.
  • Note whether the style is reflective or serious etc… and whether there was enough variety in it. Also take note of whether creativity was sufficiently used. Bear in mind the style can use a variety of lengths or sentence structures to make the essay appropriate and clear.
  • The paper must be correct with regard to the form as well as the punctuation and the grammar.

Now there is a personal essay critique and a critical review critique both of which require a few different tools.

When you are writing a personal essay critique you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the paper have a clear purpose?
  • Does the paper avoid being too moralistic?
  • Does the essay have tension which resolves itself in the end?
  • Should it be organized differently such as with more background or focusing on one event rather than another?
  • Does the essay use good dialogue and descriptions?
  • Does it help the reader feel emotions?
  • Does it reveal an aspect of the writer’s personality?
  • Does it seem authentic?
  • Is it creative and passionate?

When you are writing a critical review critique you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the direct thesis convey the value judgment of the reviewer as well as the subject?
  2. Does the review offer a description or summary of the event or film in question? Does the author provide too little detail or too much detail here?
  3. Does the essay start with clearly relevant criteria for the evaluation which remains constant and appropriate?
  4. Does the essay reference the opposition and respond to it in an appropriate manner?
  5. Are any important features left out?
  6. Does the author include interesting details that keep you entertained while reading?
  7. Does the author’s judgment seem convincing?
8. Does the author effectively utilize emotions?

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