Where To Look For Good Narrative Essay Samples: Great Offline Sources

Everybody loves to hear a good story. Young or old, rich or poor or even the educated and the illiterate deserve the right to listen to stories that somehow will benefit them or will inspire them to change their lives. Even without the internet, one could get suggestions from the following offline sources:

  • Start your own personal story. There is no perfect story to tell except the one that you know the best. It could include your trials and triumphs or your journey towards making the greatest decision in your life.
  • Be proud of your family. Your family has been through a lot of ups and downs. Write a narrative essay about it and inspire other families worldwide.
  • Share an unforgettable experience. You do it in order for other people to pick a moral lesson or be inspired by its outcome.
  • Feature a one in a million friend. Personalities with great character are sources of great happiness and inspiration. Spread the goodness and contribute to world order and peace.
  • Include your relationship with a pet. A dog, for example, is known by all as man’s best friend. Spread the word about Blackie or Furry to attract readers worldwide.
  • Recall and write about a special someone. Everybody loves to hear or read about love stories. Paint the town red and make the world go round.
  • Share a hobby or a pastime activity. Your hobby might get the attention of your fellow hobbyist too and compare your secrets on how you were able to lose 10 lbs. in a day. (just kidding!).
  • Describe a tourist spot or attraction. Almost every person likes to commune with nature in times of trials and difficulties. Start easing the pain and share your expertise in featuring a white sand beach or a secret lagoon.
  • Do a movie or book review. When you share your ideas or opinion, you are helping others learn from your experience. Create a bond now and gain a lot of fans.
  • Illustrate a part of Mother Nature. Would it be lovely to tell a story about the setting of the sun on the horizon? Or rather the birds singing with the breeze on a fine, sunny day? The answer is probably YES. What are you waiting for? Start writing so that the world smiles at you.

Take this opportunity to be heard and grab the chance of enriching the lives of others. Would you rather wear a sad face? Or make people laugh at anything? The choice is yours friend.

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