A Tutorial on How to Write Essays in High School

If you want to become good in writing essays, you will need to practice this skill as much as possible. Start when you are in high school, because you will need to be really good in creating various kinds of academic papers in order to succeed in college.

Your writing practice will be more beneficial if you get some credit for it. This can be achieved if you choose one of the following routes:

  • Talk to your teachers and ask for additional assignments. This will provide you some extra credit. You will also be able to see how much your skill improves, because the papers will be checked by professionals and graded.
  • Work with your classmates in study groups. This way, you will be able to practice your own writing and help your friends. Checking each other’s works will be a great help when you are at the editing and proofreading stages.
  • Enroll in some online school if you want to go into writing professionally. There are dozens of courses for young writers. Taking one of them will help improve your grades at school and prepare you for more complex college essays.

How to Write a Good Essay

No amount of practice will help you if you don’t know the basics of essay writing. Study the following rules:

  • Essays must have a defined structure. Every essay must comprise of several distinct parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. The first and last of these are rather standard, and they don’t depend on the type of essay very much. How you write the body paragraphs, however, will be defined by the kind of paper you need to produce. Be sure to research the requirements of every essay type before you start writing.
  • Paragraphs must also be structured. Academic writing is all about structuring and connecting different parts of the paper smoothly. Paragraphs aren’t an exception to this rule. Every paragraph must have a defined topic, and consist of the arguments and evidence that support or disprove it.
  • Always write an outline before you start working on an essay. Planning is the key in keeping your essay structured and concise. An outline will serve as a m,ap for your paper, and will make it much easier to write because you know exactly what and when something should be said. With a good outline, you will only need to expand the points around the listed topic sentences in order to create a good essay.
  • Revise and proofread. Leave enough time to reread the paper at least three times in order to fix all your mistakes.

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