The Essentials Of Writing A Good Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay presents the writer with a great opportunity to evaluate a particular idea, object or subject. This kind of critical writing establishes precise criteria for evaluation and providing fair sound and solid supporting evidence in order for the reader to form his/her own opinion about the subject. In short, an evaluation essay is essentially a review of an idea or object. Its main aim is to present a value judgment that is based on a particular set of principles.

Select a Topic

Before you start writing the evaluation paper, you need to choose a suitable topic for evaluation. This could be any subject or idea. However, it’s important to choose a subject that you are well informed about because you will have to present a value judgment that will be on a set of criteria.

Formulate a Thesis Statement and Value Judgment

The thesis statement or statement of purpose in an evaluation paper is the overall objective. It should be clearly stated in order to give you a direction that will enable you to differentiate between criteria and choose suitable examples. Additionally, the thesis statement should state value, and/or the lack of it, with respect to subject under consideration.


Think of the principles or criteria that you shall use to develop your value judgment. You need to keep in mind the fact that it is difficult and at times it is even impossible to objectively evaluate the subject immediately. Therefore, you should select several subjects of interest in order to simplify this process.

Supporting Evidence

One of the most essential elements of an evaluation essay is the supporting evidence. You must find strong supporting evidence in order to prove your viewpoint. As you will be making a judgment with respect to a certain object and presume that the readers will also consider your point of view, you should avoid making general statements.

Write a Draft

Prepare a rough draft of the paper. In the draft, you should organize the evidence and criteria that you have found. The rough draft should act as a skeleton or outline of your paper. It will also help to guide you in the writing process.

Writing the Paper

When writing the paper, you need to follow the classic structure, i.e. introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Introduce the value judgment with regard to the chosen topic in the introduction. In the body paragraphs, you should present the supporting evidence to prove your judgment. In the concluding paragraph, you should briefly summarize your main points and restate the final verdict.

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