Hints You Will Absolutely Use: How To Write A Good Introduction Paragraph For An Essay

If you are trying to write your introduction for your essay but feel as though you cannot get started then consider these tips:

Tip #1: Start keeping a journal.

Keeping a journal, especially in between semesters, will help you stay in the habit of writing. It will help teach you how to perfect your narrative by writing down thoughts, experiences, and feelings you have during the day. Keeping a journal is beneficial as a form of improving your writing.

Tip #2: Get in the habit of writing morning pages.

The phrase “morning pages” was made popular by a book and it refers to the process of waking each day and writing three pages by hand without stopping. This is often an exercise used in English classes called “stream of consciousness”. The idea is that you are to keep your hand moving for a set number of pages or a set number of minutes without breaking. You do not stop to question what you want to write next, or take a break in between. You do not stop until you have fulfilled the number of pages or the time requirement. This lets your subconscious mind (the home to most of your creativity) take over. It will surprise you more often than not what appears on your page. You can use this as an inspirational tool as well at any time of the day. It does not just have to be in the morning. If you are stuck on a part of your essay, or you are experiencing “writer’s block” , you can use this exercise to free yourself and inspire creativity.

Tip #3: Read. And read some more.

Do not limit yourself to the books assigned to you in your classes, or the journal articles that relate directly to your topic. Let your mind be free and read as much as you can. If you vary the items you read, the styles, the genres, you will pick up tidbits from all of them and soon you will see improvement in your own writing, brought to you by bits of different things here and there. Consider reading books you personally love, books written by authors you have heard of, non-fiction, fiction, magazines in the waiting room, newspapers at the coffee shop. Read whatever you can and soon you will find it easier and easier to recognize proper punctuation, grammar, rhythm, and sentence structure. Soon, you will do it naturally.

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