Tutorial Showing How I Can Write An Essay

When you are writing an essay for school you will be assigned one of many types of essays using different types of writing styles and formats. One of the biggest problems that students face when it comes to writing their essays for school is being too distracted to really focus on the paper or the research that comes with it. They neglect to really divert all of their attention to the essay and as a result their work suffers and they struggle to get things done by the due date. So how can this be avoided?

Power down!

This means all electronics you don’t need should be turned off. Students are often shocked at the mere suggestion that they turn OFF their cell phones. Most students today never turn their phones off unless it dies and therefore forces them to be without. But turning off the cell phones, turning off the iPads, turning off the computer until you need it and even then turning off the internet if you don’t need it, will make your work much easier. You will be surprised at just how quickly your research, writing, and other homework is finished. You will honestly be shocked at how quickly your next essay is finished.

Many students believe that keeping the television on in the background or streaming a movie while they study or write makes things less boring and keeps the mind focused, but it doesn’t. The mind literally cannot divert its full attention to more than one place at a time. The concept of multi-tasking does not mean you can focus all of your brain power on multiple things at the same time. It really means that you can actively jump back and forth between multiple things in an efficient manner. That being said, if you have a conversation going via text with your sister and a movie playing in the background, and you are trying to find some good quotes to use in your essay, your brain will constantly be divided and jump back and forth between all three of those things, rather than just focusing on the one thing for a shorter period of time.

So powering down the unnecessary electronics will make save you a great bit of time. You will actually concentrate better, get your writing done faster, and have more free time to talk to your sister and watch your favorite television show later.

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