How To Find Free Compare And Contrast Essays: 5 Great Hints

Compare and contrast essays are quite simple in their intent. The writer must merely explain the similarities and differences between two things. If you think in broad enough terms, everything can be thought of as both similar and dissimilar simultaneously. If this seems confusing to you, seeing a good sample essay in this style may do you a world of good. Here are a few places you can start your search.

Scour the internet

A web search for compare and contrast essays will lead you to results of all levels of experience. Once you are good at judging the quality of the essays yourself you can pick out the better ones and use them to format your own work.

Ask fellow students

People who are in your class are a great source of essays because they are likely to be doing the same assignments as you. If they’re doing them better and receiving higher grades you can ask them to try to explain why and give you pointers when you read their essays.

Ask previous students

People who have already completed your class can give you some great insight into how to develop your essays. Ask to see their first essays and their last in the compare and contrast style. This will help you see how your own progress is expected to take place. This type of help can increase the speed at which you progress.

Ask the person who assigns you the essays

Whoever is assigning youth essays should be one of the first people you ask for a few samples. This is because they know the specific rules they want followed and should be able to show you essays that followed them most exactly. Asking for samples can also lead to a conversation in which the finer points of these rules are explained to you in a way that finally makes them clear.

Look for the samples on an academic writing site

Academic writing sites tend to put up samples of their writers’ best work to encourage new customers. Look among these samples for something written in the compare and contrast style. This may seem like a long shot but if you use one of the better sites the quality of the work will be exceptional.

Having used these sources you should have enough samples to get you started.

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