How Do You Write A Personal Narrative Essay: Great Advice

This type of paper gives you the opportunity to write about your life and the feelings you have because of things that have happened in your life. Basically you are narrating who you are and what has happened to make you who you are. You are giving the reader a glimpse into you. You want them to experience parts of your life, let them live some of your life’s events. This type of writing is a great way to increase your writing skills because you are all the source of information. You only have to focus on writing well.

  1. The first thing to do is to find your focus. This paper won’t be a mish-mash of everything that has occurred in your entire life. That would take much too long. It should focus on something significant, or be a piece of narrative thinking; how you’ve shaped your thoughts and why.
  2. Choose one event. It could be based around a change that happened in your life, the moment you realized something, a failure or a success, or a childhood memory. It should be interesting for other people to read about.
  3. Think about the flow of your paper. How will you transition from one idea to another, making sure they fall within the scope of the event you’ve chosen. Usually the order will be chronological, as this makes the most sense.
  4. Start jotting down notes which you can organize into a basic outline. Seeing this on paper or on a computer screen will help you in organizing your thoughts and deciding what perspective to take in your writing. It also helps to see if you have enough information to write a long enough paper for meeting the demands of the assignment. Can you get across the point you are trying to make? How will your readers feel after they finish reading it?
  5. Begin writing your first draft, starting out strong and compelling so your reader has no choice but to keep reading. It’s so interesting they just don’t want to put it down. Start with a little bit of a mystery instead of coming right out and telling the reader what happened. Try to pique their interest at this point.
  6. The beginning, middle and end should be clearly delineated. The reader should know which part is the introduction, body and conclusion.

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