High School Vs College: Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay For University

Writing an essay is one of the most assigned tasks students learn during their academic careers. Teachers encourage students to write these papers because it improves their creativity, written expression, grammar and vocabulary. When they research about a certain topic, they find out interesting information about it. They learn the art of expressing themselves through writing and pen down their ideas in to words. It is easy to write an essay because all of them follow the same format. In case you are not aware of a standard format, every paper starts with an introduction where students present their topic. The second part is the body of the paper to explain the major arguments and include supporting data. The last paragraph in your assignment is the conclusion where you summarize the entire paper. It is important to remember that your entire paper needs to follow the same direction. Experts suggest that you should create the body first and then write your introduction and conclusion. This way you have a right idea of the overall direction and scope of your paper.

If you are to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to choose your topic accordingly. In a comparison assignment, you need to take two sides of the same subject and discuss them in the body. Alternatively, you can take two different subjects and pen down their similarities and differences in the body of your paper. If you are to write a comparison paper about high school Vs College, you need to explain both academic levels and then discuss the differences and similarities between the both. It is up to you to decide which one is better. However, you need to prove your opinion with facts and logical arguments. You cannot simply state something as good or bad without having any facts or data to prove it.

Start your papers by introducing both types of education levels and give a brief insight to each. In your body of the essay, you need to compare both the sides by discussing their differences and similarities. You can choose one paragraph to talk about the similarities and the other to talk about the differences. Your last body paragraph can discuss which one is better and why.

The last paragraph of your essay is the conclusion where you need to summarize your entire paper and show how successful you were in proving your point.

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