Structure And Aims Of Business Organization

Organization’s Core Business Function

The provision of parcel delivery services is’s core business function. It seeks to offer its customers with a cheaper alternative of parcel delivery across the UK than the Post Office does. Additionally, the company also delivers parcels to various international destinations such as most European countries, USA and Canada, Asia, and other parts of the world.

Organization’s Business Aims and How They Relate to Stakeholders

The following part analyzes the business aims of and how they relate to its stakeholders. The various company stakeholders include its customers, suppliers, couriers, the government, employees, management, and owners.

  • The owners- just like any other business, aims at maximizing profits and increasing the wealth of its owners. The owners provided the company with the funds it needed to start its operations. They may also provide extra finances in the case that the company requires them to finance its growth and expansion. As such, they expect a share of the returns of the company in the form of dividends.

  • Management- they make the operation and strategic decisions for the company. The company is where and what it is because of their ability to lead. They expect good remuneration from the company.

  • Employees- they implement the decisions made by the management team. They also mostly act as the link between the company and its customers. The manner in which they relate to the customers determines whether such customers make repeat purchases and whether they refer other customers to the business. The aim of the business is to provide its employees with fair remuneration packages and good and safe working conditions.

  • Customers- the business aims at providing services that will meet and satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. To this effect, it has diversified its range of services over the years to include services such as international deliveries and door to door collection. It has designed customer-oriented applications that will help it attract and serve as many customers as possible. In return, the company expects the customers to pay for the services it provides them with.

  • Couriers- the company recommends the best couriers to its customers to ensure that their parcels get to their destinations on time and in the best condition possible. Therefore, it aims to ensure that its couriers are reliable and experienced and that they are well known throughout the world to enhance the trust of their customers. It also aims to ensure that it offers discounts on courier services to provide its customers with the best deals possible.

  • The government-the aim of the company is to comply with all government rules and regulations. Such rules and regulations include customer protection, employment rules, environmental protection rules, and taxation requirements. In return, the company expects the government, especially that of its home country, to provide it with a healthy environment in which to conduct its business.

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