A list of great persuasive essay topics for kids

Writing a persuasive essay can be hard. You have to convince someone to see a specific topic in the same way that you do, or at least see it the same way that you present the topic in the essay. Getting someone to see things your way requires that you put effort into making them believe what you are saying. This is much easier achieved if you believe what you are saying. Picking a topic that you believe in or that interests you can make the essay so much easier to do. If you already believe it and have an interest then you are better prepared to get others to believe the same thing.

When writing a persuasive essay the topic is a key element. The whole essay focuses on the topic itself. You job is to prove for or against your topic. Often times you will be asked to choose a topic of your own. This makes things easier for the reasons already listed. When you have this opportunity, make it count. Pick the topic already on your mind. Here are some examples of topics that may interest you now and why they would be good to write about.

  • No homework in school
  • Kids your age often believe that they learn enough in school without doing homework. Others may find homework to be helpful. Whatever side you are on, you can argue that your point of view is best.

  • Gay marriage
  • You may know people who are gay and want to be allowed to get married no matter where they live. This gives you the passion that you need to tell people why you believe this to be important.

  • School lunch
  • You can pick weather you want healthier lunch choices or, if your school already only has healthy options, you can also choose to say why you don’t think they should pick your food for you. Either side you are on, you will be informed already.

  • Your classes
  • You could argue that kids should get to pick their own classes because they will be more interested in the subjects if they chose them.

  • Gym class
  • You could talk about why you think you should be able to choose a class instead of gym and why or talk about what should and shouldn’t be allowed or forced during gym class and give your reasons.

No matter your topic you have to be able to back it up with facts or beliefs that state why your way is best. Choosing a good topic makes this better for you. Whatever topic you do choose, make it something you really care about and it will show.

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