Id Card System For University

Id cards are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. The more a card can offer the more desirable it is, and the more useful it becomes. Universities and Colleges like public schools are moving to these cards for many reasons, from ease of security, protection of the student, and the ability to use as a debit card. Id cards are no longer just the visual card, they have become much more.

Id cards are used in many schools already for a number of reasons. The benefits they give and the options help the school keep costs down, and keep tract of records much easier. They can allow students into their dorms while keeping others out, handle food purchases, check out library books and keep records of what books they have, and have checked out previously. They can be set up for staff as well, to allow them into areas students are not allowed. They can also be outfitted with tracking programs in case a student is missing. And be used on and off campus.

Another aspect with the use on and off campus is vandalism. Going to a cashless school has proven to reduce vandalism. If the vending machines are set up for the Id cards, then the student can deposit cash into their card and not have to carry any cash on them. The vending machines then have no money inside, so there is no reason to break into them. Also reduces the chance of a student getting robbed again because they have no money in their purses or wallet.

Universities have been hit a lot here lately by hackers breaking into the systems. Many are going straight for student and staff files, but as of yet have not taken anything. But this does mean that the down side of the ID cards is the school. Many of the schools have been hit multiple times, with little effort. Many Universities do not have an effective system to block hackers. Nor are the monitored properly to see if anyone has hacked the system. Hackers are usually found out they have been inside the system only after they have left. This type of computer security means that no matter how good the card system is, it will always have the students and staff at rick.

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