A List of Unusual Topics for an Argument Essay

Argument essays require students to write on a topic in which they must persuade their audience to agree or take their side on some topic. There are thousands of topics to write about, but many students find that writing on unusual topics might be the best way to captivate the audience’s attention and generally get more people to agree with their side. Here’s a list of some unusual topics you can use to inspire your own ideas or to use for your own argumentative essay:

Weight limit for restaurants. As part of curbing obesity should there be a weight limit for customers who come into restaurants? Is this discrimination or a general concern for someone’s health and the cost it has on healthcare for everyone?

Tiger wine from China. The practice of breeding farm tigers to be turned into wine is growing in popularity in China, but is the trend beyond cruelty? Should anyone step in to stop this, or is this no different than other animals raised for slaughter and food supply in other parts of the world?

Alternate ways to stop gun violence. Do you oppose gun violence but don’t want to make owning guns illegal? Perhaps you can expand on the “people are responsible for killing people” ideal. How would children fit into an alternative way to stop gun violence?

Intersex corrective surgery. This is a major debate in small and large communities it affects as it concerns human rights. What needs to be known about the patient who decides to undergo surgery? Should it be private and strictly upheld by confidentiality? Should the community be more aware about the process and procedure in general through education in schools?

Euthanasia – crime or a mercy killing. This has been a large debate for several decades, with a famous case occurring in the United States, involving Dr. Kevorkian, who assisted in the deaths of dozens of patients. His conviction cited his responsibility in these deaths and asserted they were crimes. Are they?

Teenage marriage. Should two consulting teenagers be allowed to marry? Perhaps if a youth counseling program was introduced to go over the issues of marriage before an early age or if getting a marriage license was legalized but made more difficult for teenagers.

Are university degrees necessary. Are university degrees becoming obsolete in a world where technology has made succeeding in the world much easier? What real-world experience does a university education actually give? And are employers skipping over university degrees and looking at only the practical professional experience one has?

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