How To Write A Cause And Effect Paper: A Manual For Those Who Have Problems

Writing does not have to be a challenge. Once students realize that nearly every essay is structured in the same way, writing becomes significantly less stressful. There are three types of paragraphs and they all have the same template. Learning the template is the key to successful writing. Once you have mastered the template, you simply include your opinions and the facts that support them. Here is a quick manual for the cause and effect template:


Every essay requires an introduction. The template for any introduction is always the same. The first few sentences of the introduction include the hook. The middle of the introduction is the bridge that connects the hook to the thesis statement. The last sentence of the introduction is that thesis statement. In a cause and effect essay, the thesis statement will include the relationship between the cause and effect you plan on proving.


The middle section of every essay includes body paragraphs. In most cases, essays should have at least two well-written body paragraphs. Most will require more than two paragraphs. Your body paragraphs will need to break down your thesis so you can show the steps that led to your decision about cause and effect. For example, if you are going to prove that human error led to the sinking of the Titanic, you will want to break down the argument into smaller parts. Each part will require its own body paragraph. One paragraph might about navigational errors made by the captain. The second paragraph might discuss the errors made by pushing the engine to unnecessary speeds. The third paragraph might discuss the hubris of the designers to not put enough lifeboats on board. Then, each paragraph will need the examples that will support your opinions.


The end of the essay is the conclusion. In a cause and effect essay, you will simply want to use the conclusion to restate what you are proving in your thesis and the main points that got you to that conclusion.


Throughout the essay, you will want to use transitions to show the cause and effect relationships. The transitions words you should use in your essay include words like: if, as a result, therefore, for this reason, accordingly, granted, since, for, and many others. Without transitions, your readers might be confused about how the causes brought about the effects. You should use several transitions in each paragraph.

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