The 20 Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics To Choose From

When you are writing a cause and effect essay you will have to pick a good topic to make the essay sound interesting. Once you have a good topic, you can easily get good grades for your essay. Here are a few helpful prompts to get you going.

Topics for your cause and effect essay:

  • The reason people use cell phones and its impact on their lives.

  • The reason majority of kids these days are obese and its result on their psychology.

  • Cause and effect of excessive stress on a working professional.

  • The cause and effect of global warming.

  • How much do you think online dating works and why do people do it. You can also write a few such instances from real life.

  • The reason behind divorce and its impact on the individual getting divorced or the kids.

  • The many reasons why a student may fail in class and how it affect his or her social life.

  • The reason behind a child becoming a bully and its impact on the child’s future relationships and friends.

  • The reason many models chose to eat less and become very thin. What are the symptoms of anorexia?

  • The cause and effect of illegal immigration on a country’s economy and the existing citizens.

  • The reason people are logged into social media accounts throughout the day and its impact on their real life relationships.

  • The reason binge watching TV serials is becoming popular and its effect on the watcher’s next day’s activities.

  • The reason why you may have to share a room with another student and its role on your day to day activities.

  • The reason many people get involved in relationships that are broken from the start and its impact on their perspective.

  • The various reasons why grandparents may have to raise a child and how does the child turn up to be?

  • The cause and effect of growing up in a single parent household.

  • The various reasons behind homelessness and what can be done to improve the situation.

  • The reason there is poor sanitation in many communities across the globe and its impact on their lives.

  • It is well known that various diseases claim a lot of people around the world. The reason these diseases occur and how it may affect the community.

  • The cause and the profound role of racism that is still rampant in many countries.

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