Excellent Ideas For A Definition Essay: Top 25 Prompts

There are several ways in which you may formulate and go about a defection paper. Most often, the job is well beyond half-done if you have a good sample and a good topic to start with. There are several people that make the most of the available time and resources to tell you about the role of the essay in your career.

The selection of topic

For the right selection of the topic for the definition paper, you will have to run through some really useful prompts that might make the scope for a meaningful paper. This is why it is highly advisable that you go through some of the basics of the same before you come up with anything else.

There is great merit in going through some well-thought and researched prompts before you set to choose your own topic for the defection piece.

25 impressive prompts for definition essays

  1. The war of worlds: is an intergalactic war really possible?

  2. How would you define the role of the UN in maintaining world peace?

  3. Is there a rule for making a well-baked cake? Define a well-baked cake

  4. Define the role of the computers in our daily lives

  5. How would you define America’s performance in the Vietnam war

  6. Define some strategic ways to eradicate the caste system from India

  7. Define the role of Lincoln in abolishing slavery in America

  8. What is the role of a bounty hunter?

  9. How would you define the rising tensions between USA and Russia?

  10. Define the process after which the Berlin wall was built

  11. Define the basic principles under which the World War II came to a screeching halt

  12. What are some of the most controversial issues regarding US elections

  13. Define corporate fundraising in elections

  14. How would you define elections in India, the largest democracy?

  15. State the role of China in growing world economy

  16. Would you define Hitler as a traitor?

  17. Some reflections from the last war movie you saw

  18. State the reasons India became an independent nation

  19. Define the concept of a nation state

  20. How did people cross the Mexican border for the first time?

  21. What is the role of diplomacy in world affairs?

  22. Share an experience of a lifetime regarding your hobby

  23. What is best described as a situation of war between nations

  24. Define terrorism from the Islamic perspective

  25. Come up with a suitable definition paper on euthanasia

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